Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slave perspective short historical fiction story

                     I am a salve and I'm working for my life. I am 7 years old and It's not my fault that I was born a slave, so why do I have to work for my life, why can't I be a priest or merchant or maybe even a ruler. Why do I have to do this? Well, I guess I'll never know because I'm just not so smart. I never get to go to school or anything all I do are 3 things, work, work, and work.
                       We live in fear, well at least I do. I live in the fear of my to master dies because when he does all is lost, your life, everything. They think we should be sacrificed. I mean they would think different if we sacrificed them not us. Like.........a priest I mean he makes all these people make sacrifices when we don't want to so the priest is bad for making people do things especially give there life away when they don't want to.

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